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Android System Info

March 11, 2010

Android System Info provides a great amount of info about your device.
It is made of 4 tabs:


This is a sum-up of all importants infos.


All system infos are here:
OS, Buildinfos, Battery, Memory, Telephony, Networks, Wifi, CPU, Screen, Sensors, Features, JavaProperties …
You have to touch the subject to unfold infos.


Tasks tab shows the total cpu load and cpu load/memory used for each process. You can click on a process to have some details and to be able to kill/switch to the process


This tab contains all installed apps.
You can stop or uninstall an app from here.


Provides system logs. Press menu to save logs on sdcard.

Latest revisions:

1.6.1: bug fix on task manager

1.6.0: added task manager

1.5.0: added radio and event logs

1.4.1: Blog link has changed

1.4.0:  – As requested by so many, a little change on header fonts 😉
– added cpu frequency info, Detailed Wifi info
– bug fix on memory info in case of large sdcard.
1.3.0:  – Networks infos
– few bugs fix
1.0.0:  – Big UI rework



March 11, 2010

Paint is a drawing application providing a lots of cool feature like setting of stroke/background color, save/load picture, special effects etc.
There is also a kids mode which will change color and size at each stroke.


1.3:Bug fix (background color, erase mode), some change in size stroke.

1.2 : share feature, few bug fix, link to this blog
1.1: load/save picture
1.0: big ui and features rework

Droid Jump

March 10, 2010

Droid Jump is a platform game in which you have to jump from “eclair” to “eclair” to go higher.

Beta status, still on works!


0.3 : graphics changes, bonus, bug fix