Droid Jump

Droid Jump is a platform game in which you have to jump from “eclair” to “eclair” to go higher.

Beta status, still on works!


0.3 : graphics changes, bonus, bug fix

52 Responses to “Droid Jump”

  1. john doe Says:

    Nice start!

  2. Droid Jump | Android-Software.fr Says:

    […] Auteur : ElectricSheep Site Web […]

  3. Android Games Says:

    Droid Jump…

    Un clone du célèbre Abduction World Attack très simplifié. Le principe sera le même, le but du jeu est de monter au ciel, le plus loin possible en sautant de plate-forme en plate-forme. Ici, l’originalité est de placer au cœur du jeu notre petite…

  4. adrienne Says:

    Waay better than papi jump and abduction combined! Woohooo! I jst wish they had more different bonuses on it but keep the two bad things haha! Moment with google*

  5. Anthony Says:

    Pretty fun time killer the apple invert commands is so funny! Great game. Moment

  6. вася Says:

    Это классная игра, мой рекорд 48000

  7. Todd Says:

    Fun time killer. Just wish the lives u collect add up that would make it a bit better

  8. paul Says:

    The lives do add up? Great game very addictive

  9. Tvvo-Fast Says:

    Very good game and it makes very much fun
    89000 it’s my highscore

  10. gluribus Says:

    I love this game my highscore is 235948 by accident

  11. Jimi Says:

    Great game. The last update a couple days ago created a lot of bugs. It was perfect before the update.

    • 3lectricsheep Says:

      i added a bunch of new feature in the last update. Sorry for bugs, i’ll to fix it asap

      • Nannette Says:

        I’m new to the whole Droid scene but played Doodle Jump on a friends iPhone. But that game had lots of bad comments. I tried several others and this one’s the BEST BY FAR! I really Love it! YOU ROCK! THANKS!

  12. petal Says:

    Love the game! Its quite funny and overall very fun and
    Entertaining . Best game I have on my phone right now by far !!!

  13. jdub Says:

    Man. My little Droid gets better everyday lol.

  14. scott Says:

    Great my highscore is 300,000

  15. Stephen Says:

    Very fun game. My favorite! I got my high score right at 777,777… what skill 😉
    It’s almost too difficult to die after a certain point because of the way the extra lives start piling on. Maybe traps like black holes or Droid-eating monsters would be a nice addition. 🙂

  16. mark m Says:

    A great freebie game that keeps you entertained. Love that green robot!

  17. Iwusbored Says:

    Cool game. my hi is 285350.

  18. lars Says:

    Dette er garantert det beste spillet for x10 mini
    Jeg fikk nettop ny highscore på 305tusen pointz!
    Jeg digger spillet 😉 download it!

  19. barbie Says:

    Love love this game! Play it allllllll the time when im sitting at home with my bf playing his video games!

  20. Pia Says:

    Wow, really cool game! My mum must ever say me, that i must stop with this game, then i play it too often an very long…

  21. shel Says:

    Very addictive!!

  22. twigy Says:

    Hello !! Sorry for my english, i m french, i just want to know, when i play the droid go slowly,and bug….do u know why ?

  23. Jean Luc Picard Says:

    OK first of all I’d like to know who is the outrageous zaney, complete nut that came up with the concept to have the little android buddy defy physics and spring from chocolate eclaire to chocolate eclaire which are floating like clouds in the sky. Making silly noises, flapping his little green robot arm stumps and also making miraculous one hand saves? Huh? Could you please tell me? Whom ever it might be, I’d just like to tell them that IMHO they have a creatively genius mind! 0 :~)
    The first couple of times I played I was giggling and cracking up the entire time. So thanks!

  24. jocke Says:

    This is the best game ever!!!!! My hi is 188964!! I relly recomend this game for everyone 😉

  25. Animals Says:

    Its a good game but needs improvement

  26. Nikki Says:

    my high score is 75225 i just want to know what is the highest score on droid jump; i would also like to know as you go higher ad high do th eclairs continue to move as you go higher or do they stop moving at some point again?

  27. aj Says:

    Awesome game. My high is around 240,000. It’s perfect for killing time while fighting with my fiance. I would like to see one or two more bonus icons that have cool effects. Also would prefer that there be more to the later “levels”. It gets very bland after you get to where the eclaires are moving. Excellent free time killer tho. Droid Eris

  28. coneybeer Says:

    Addictive! I can’t stop trying to beat my score and get to the top. So far my best is 57635. Best free game app that you can download.

  29. lisa Says:

    Just started playing tonight, scored a 22k and it didn’t publish to the leaderboard 😦 it does show on my app that 22 is my high score 🙂

    I dig this! Fun FuN FUN !

  30. Dawny Dawn Says:

    Awesome game! I’m almost afraid to show my kids.. I would never get to play! Haha thanks for the game!

  31. nciole :* Says:

    I love this game, but I get so far up and when I fall it makes me start all over! Why don’t it save my points?!

  32. boredgamergirl Says:

    I’m a droid fan and I’m so happy I found out about this game! It’s difficult when you get way too up, but it’s fun to try! Definitely recommend it to all droid fans!

  33. Fabric Sofa online Says:

    haha , This game was my favorite.

  34. Jdbug Says:

    It’s very nice, I really like it. My highscore is 120000. It is better a lot than the other version 😉

  35. hej :d Says:

    114.000 yes!!!

  36. liz Says:

    Très très très bon je komme dut le pub du heu originel c parfait que tout les endroit tel de le bus les chiote. …

  37. noe Says:

    I like. The game but i wish. I could. Play. 3 times before. Lost. The. Game

  38. blake spon Says:

    awesome game my favorite on my droid by far my only suggestion is being able to change the driod guys color

  39. Droid Chix Says:

    LOVE this game!!! So simple yet so addictive.

  40. droidguy Says:

    I love this game! However, someone called me when I had just broken 700,000 and it not only made me start all over but it also didn’t save my high score.

  41. Jenna Says:

    Extreme Droid Jump is my favorite game on the Android market. It’s so addicting- plus the little droid is such a cutie! I’ve been trying to get in touch with you guys about a partnership, what’s the best email to reach you at?


  42. pop beats Says:

    pop beats…

    […]Droid Jump « Electric Sheep[…]…

  43. Alex Says:

    I don’t understand why your game needs my phone’s identity and my coarse (network-based) location(!).

    • 3lectricsheep Says:

      About phone identity, it is used by Scoreloop for online highscore. It is used to identify users.
      About location, it is used by scoreloop and admob. Scoreloop use it to know where are players (i think i could add some country based challenge, or something like that). Admob use it to provide location based ads.

      I hope it answer your questions,

  44. lucas Says:

    Muito legal mas poren sinples

  45. Jessehimechan Says:

    Hello,i just wanted to say …
    THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!:D thats all thanks:)

  46. Lisanne Says:

    It is a funny game!

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