Android System Info

Android System Info provides a great amount of info about your device.
It is made of 4 tabs:


This is a sum-up of all importants infos.


All system infos are here:
OS, Buildinfos, Battery, Memory, Telephony, Networks, Wifi, CPU, Screen, Sensors, Features, JavaProperties …
You have to touch the subject to unfold infos.


Tasks tab shows the total cpu load and cpu load/memory used for each process. You can click on a process to have some details and to be able to kill/switch to the process


This tab contains all installed apps.
You can stop or uninstall an app from here.


Provides system logs. Press menu to save logs on sdcard.

Latest revisions:

1.6.1: bug fix on task manager

1.6.0: added task manager

1.5.0: added radio and event logs

1.4.1: Blog link has changed

1.4.0:  – As requested by so many, a little change on header fonts 😉
– added cpu frequency info, Detailed Wifi info
– bug fix on memory info in case of large sdcard.
1.3.0:  – Networks infos
– few bugs fix
1.0.0:  – Big UI rework

171 Responses to “Android System Info”

  1. ffigueroa Says:

    Best thing so far that came out for droids

  2. androidz Says:

    good Post…

  3. gamemaster Says:

    Uses up way too much cpu processes itself. Lowest I seen it run was at 16% constantly. Highest was 56% constantly and I was just scrolling up and down. Bring down how much processes it uses and it will be a great program. Ive only downloaded 2 progs so far, this and sports tap so I know this is the one lagging the phone. – cliq xt

    • 3lectricsheep Says:

      Hello David,

      Thanks for your post. here a few answers:
      The task tab dont show android internal process. thoses can be responsible for some cpu load.
      From measurment i made, the CPU load due to Android System Info is about 8% on HTC Tattoo and 4% on a nexus one.

      When you scroll, the raise in cpu load is due to android event system, you can see detail in the bug filed here:


  4. Androidman Says:

    Hello, I used “Android System Info” on Samsung GalaxyA(based on TI OMAP 34xx Processor). when i look at the CPU section of the application, it says “600Mhz” but Samsung officially said “The application mis-read the cpu info, it should be 720Mhz”. I wonder if who is telling the truth, application? or Samsung? I hope i can have your advice.

  5. Roger Tan Says:

    Hi I just brought nexus one a few days ago n after I download ur this program n it tells me that my RAM total is 217796kb is this its original total or did the sales ppl change it 2 b like this? Because from what I know from the web is say that its phone suppose to have 512mb of RAM…

    Can u please help? Thank you.

  6. miss.ashleylt Says:

    Works well* no need to debate!

  7. Marko Says:

    Works perfect on Tatoo !!!

  8. Lori Evans Says:

    So far I love it. Keep up the excellent service

  9. Andy Says:

    Super completo, imprescindible.

  10. Nato Says:

    Where can I download this app?


  11. Paul Ritter Says:

    Great application. Works fine

  12. Takashi M Says:

    Hi, I’m using HTC Dedire (Bravo), this app working good.

    My Dedire doesn’t have http proxy setting, but I found it by this app.

    That mean, is it possible to set http proxy by making software?

  13. jim Says:

    I just tried this on my evo. Sweet! So far, it’s well thought and should replace several overlaping apps that only cover a small % of your apps.

    QUESTION – IF I’m not doing active tweeking for battery life or performance, am I better off disabling this apps? How do you use it?


  14. bill kenney Says:

    Help my telephone stopped working after downloading several apps. This app seemed to be the one with the ability to affect the file android.intent.action /permission

  15. Jeff Says:

    Great app. Gives you a complete snapshot of your entire OS. Doesn’t use much battery either.

  16. phil cox Says:

    What can I do for my ram usage? I’m done to 17%.

  17. Chip Says:

    Where can I download the app.

    I am using an Archos device which is android based but does not have access to the android market. It uses AppLib.

    A zip file with a note that says if you are not going through Market it might not work would be good.

    • 3lectricsheep Says:

      if you look for it, you may find some package to install the android market on archos device

    • pete bertram (the butcher) Says:

      I have an Archos 80 G9 turbo ICS (android 4.0) if your using a gen. 9 android base you do have access to the Market. Don’t go thru the applib. I don’t know if this app is available thru google play but you can try there. Hope this helps.

  18. Wydi Says:

    That’s a nice app!

    But I got one question:
    Why exactly does it gather my GPS coordinates on Startup and why does it need to take photos? I would love to use and even donate for it, but since I’m pretty careful regarding my personal information, I don’t like that.
    Please remove or at least explain those requirements and your app shall be one of the most useful apps on the market!


    • 3lectricsheep Says:

      You are right to be careful.
      So, to explain it, the LOCATION permission is used by admob (the ad banner)
      the CAMERA permission is required to gather all information about camera (in the system tab)
      the INTERNET perm is also for admob
      the READ_LOG perm is used to display logs
      WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE perm is for saving logs in sdcard and also to save bug report
      TELEPHONY_STATE perm is used to gather all telephony info (system tab)


      • Wydi Says:

        a log analysis on the phone and and my router seems to prove you right.
        Thanks for this clarification!

  19. Pat Says:

    Like the latest update. One question though. Beside some of the apps there is a lock symbol. What does this mean

  20. Vicente Says:

    Hi good morning, so that is constantly updating this software?
    It is (android info system)

  21. trin Says:

    How to find identify any spywer on ur cell????

    • 3lectricsheep Says:

      Start by check logs if there is something unusual. After, you can check if there is application with strange permissions.

      • stone Says:

        Hi. Love this app. Original moto droid here. In what event log should i look for strange or unusual? Any pointers on what i should consider unusual and possibly spyware? Is there more info that can help me to understand and decipher the event logs? Thank you.

  22. Alicea Walbridge Says:

    Under the system info there’s the environment section. I opened that and at top I saw Root directory:/system. I am trying to find out if that means my moto droid is rooted or not? Can you help please?

    • 3lectricsheep Says:

      Hello Alicea,
      root directory is a folder containing system files. It is not linked to the “rooted” state.
      If your device is rooted, you should have possibility to become “superuser” aka “administrator” aka “root”.
      An easy way to check is to dowload a terminal application on your device and try the command “su”.

      Hope it will help

  23. Luke Says:

    This is a great app everything I need awesome

  24. afoehne Says:

    Since the last update today, the landscape mode does not work anymore. Could you fix this? This is the way that all Archos tablet owners use.

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  26. Dale Says:

    Awesome app. A must have

  27. binouche22 Says:

    Great app! SDCard usage percentage is wrong on my Nexus One: it shows 96% when Max=3773.5Mo and Free=3657.9Mo. It should probably show 4% …

    ( Using Android System Info 1.10.3 on Nexus One 2.2 )

    • 3lectricsheep Says:

      is the glass half-empty or half-full? 😉
      there is no wrong percentage, it shows available ressources. In your case, it indicates that you have 96% available.
      Anyway, if you think it would be better to show used ressources instead of free ressources, let me know 🙂


  28. JJozev Says:

    I experienced some strange behaviour with GPS on my HTC Dream (G1) on Android 1.6: Receiving coordinates way off (each second), my location was jumping all over the city.

    I don’t understand why, but after uninstalling the ASI app (downloaded today, forgot the version, sorry) the problem disappeared and my GPS is spot on again.

    Too bad, because apart from this issue I found ASI a very VERY impressive app.

    Hope this is of any use to someone. Keep up the good work, ES!

    • 3lectricsheep Says:

      this is pretty strange. Can you try to reinstall ASI to check if there is the problem?
      ASI doesnt use GPS itself, but admob use it. On next release, i’ll remove the FINE_LOCATION permission, so admob wont use GPS anymore

  29. Android System Info - Display Device Information Says:

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  30. Adam Says:

    How do I update stuff in the “System” tab? For instance, when I unplug the phone while in the app, it will read “Charging” and a percentage which will never change (or, at least not as long as I had patience watching).

    Only way to update I found was thru a FC and restart.

    What gives? Perhaps an ‘Update’-option?

    • 3lectricsheep Says:

      Currently, there is no refresh. If you want to refresh info, you have to exit using the back button. Beware, if you press the home button, you dont exit the app, you put it in background.

      I think i’ll release an update this week end that should have an update button.

  31. joanie Says:

    I have weird stuff that show up like clowned items and remote access granted and Verizon says they don’t know about it. What is going on. I have weird things happening and who is flurry agent, ad mob, check in service etc. Please help.

    • 3lectricsheep Says:

      Could you give more informations? what are “clowned items”?
      for “remote access granted”, i think you have one or several apps using remote access. I’ll make an update of “Android System Info” that will display all permissions used by apps. So you could check which apps use remote access.
      flurry agent is a tool embedded sometimes in apps to do some usages stats (ex: bug tracking)
      admob agent is used to display ads

      • Wireball Says:

        I believe he means *cloned* items. I noticed this behavior when I kept playing around with “matrixcat” live wallpaper settings; after a while there were dozens of copies of matrixcat showing. However, they all had different PIDs, so it was probably accurate. Rebooting the phone got rid of the extras. It was a problem with the live wallpaper; not OSmonitor.

  32. droidxuser Says:

    Just wanted to know if it was possible to have the app go into lanscape when tilting the phone. If its available, how can i fix it. If its not ontegrated, its just a suggestion for future versions of the app. Thanks

  33. DanTe Says:

    Is there a pay option so that admob will be disabled? I like your program. But I had location tracking ads.

  34. Leea Says:

    Awesome app 🙂 for a beginning Android user but an IT techie, it has given me HUGE amounts of info about my new phone — my only wish is that it could overcome the “locked” apps by ATT on my Aria… 6 STARS!!!

  35. Pavel Says:

    What is “max” RAM means?My HTC Desire must have 576Mb RAM, but
    in System Info “max” RAM =398Mb(Forgive for my bad English,I’m from Belarus)

  36. luis Says:

    The network type and IP Address fail to update when I switch to WiFi on the flight using my Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S). This happens even after exiting the app via the back button. Is this a known issue?

  37. Bob Cross Says:

    Great app. Any chance of a paid-for version that doesn’t have the adverts, and can save/mail the logs?

  38. andr Says:

    What does all this mean please & am I compromised? After date & time in 1 of the log entries your app sais; “E/Tethering” followed by the statement “attempting to remove unknown iface, ignoring, usb0” ( not sure if its in that exact order…)
    Also: another log entry sais something like “dispatcher thinks it is finished but.. “. What/who is a dispatcher in this case & what does the log entry mean?
    Is there a place to go with a list of all the different types of log entries & what exactly they mean?
    Thank you very much – cool app just hoping there is 1 reference library… we can go to look these things up! I have ALOT of other questions like these !

  39. J_Tom_Moon_79 Says:

    Using Verizon LG Ally.

    REQUEST: Can you add a GPS Info row on the System tab?

    BUG: (minor) the System tab has one trailing row that is empty.

    I really enjoy browsing through the nitty-gritty technical details about my phone. Awesome app!

  40. ANdrew Says:

    Great App, jut downloaded it to my brand new, from ebay, Irobot Apad..

    I have a question (or three :): Under CPU it shows BogoMIPS as 499.71, is this the CPU speed ? as item was sold as 800Mhz.

    All through the tabs it states Telechips but is sold under the title Rockchip, what’s the deal here, I thought they were totally different CPU’s ?

    And Under Memory Tab > Total RAM is 144MB, now this doesn’t sound like the 256MB it was sold as ?

    Have I been ripped here ? Any help appreciated before, already had the first one delivered with a cracked screen, don’t want to go off the deep end with this guy, at least un-armed.

    I want to develop on this thing and i’m feeling that it’s not all it’s been sold to me as…?

    • 3lectricsheep Says:

      Bogomips shows calculation power. Frequency is shown a few lines under.
      Also, for the ram, it shows max available. It is less than official spec because part of this ram is reserved for the system.

  41. Martin Says:

    Can you fix initial order of application list? I.e. alphabetical. Ideally it could remember the last order and filter.
    Thanks for great application.

  42. yon Says:

    Why is my ram only hangin around 10-12% I have droid x 2.2 I would think it should be higher.

  43. Josh Says:

    Where are you grabbing total memory from?

    On my evo:
    Total memory:
    Dasboard displays: Max 427.62Mo
    System displays: Data max: 428 MB

    However, from adb: cat /proc/meminfo displays:
    MemTotal: 424832 kB (414.88 MB)

  44. Yuda Says:

    is there any way I could dump all my hardware information just like save to sdcard for log ?

  45. DaveyHo69 Says:

    This app just grinds & grinds trying to update itself & wont let any other apps install. I did uninstal it once but its back & thrashing away continuously. Google N1 2.2.1

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  47. BDofMSP Says:

    I have been using Android System Info app to track unusual CPU behavior. This happens 2 or 3 times a day – the phone gets unresponsive. When I open this app, it shows me that my CPU is pegged at 100%, but it doesn’t show me any specific app that is using 100% (or anything that adds up to 100%).

    At this point I start killing apps that have fluctuating levels of memory usage (with no corresponding CPU usage) and I can almost always nail it on the 1st or 2nd try now. CPU will drop to normal instantly. The offending app is all over the map, with Internet,, Mail,, YouTube and sometimes HTC Sense being the most common offenders. Every time these are showing zero CPU usage.

    I’m so glad that I have that app to work around this issue, but I wish it would accurately display the offending app. Any idea why these offending processes / apps would show zero CPU but still be chewing it up like crazy?

    Great work. Love the app

  48. sim Says:


  49. BIACHIO Says:

    Fantastiche app werkt zoals het moet werken,goed overzicht,duidelijk,begrijpelijk,chappo!!

  50. Michael Kairys Says:

    An excellent collection of data and function. I wish the Tasks list would remember the chosen Sort between invocations, or even make CPU the default; to me this its most important function (“what process are consuming my CPU right now?”)

    What I REALLY wish, to make this the perfect dashboard (IMO 😉 is to make the other panels in the dashboard besides Battery clickable, and allow an arbitrary application to be associated with each. Thus I could invoke my favorite file manager, app manager, network monitor, or whatever, all from the same initial display, now become supremely useful!

  51. Ash Says:

    Great app. Is there a way to save sort preferences? Annoying to have to sort it everytime. CPU usage for example

  52. Mark Says:

    Until recently this app was showing about 16% cpu usage when the phone wasnt doing anything special.

    Now it shows about 76% of which the Androis System Info proces takes up 51%

    Is this the overhead of the program itself? It didnt show up before and I even read that internal processes linked to Android System Info shouldnt be shown at all… so whats happening here?

  53. BDofMSP Says:

    So its not just me. This started 3 days ago.

  54. tony Says:

    I have been using this for a while and love it. It always seems to suck up about 10 – 15 % of the CPU when running but I would think that is normal. However, the other day I downloaded my flash update and now when I run Android System Info it shows that it is sucking up about 75% of the CPU? Is the new flash update interfering with it? Using an EVO 4G.


  55. Hans Says:

    Many Features very useful, thank you for this Program.
    Sehr gut, steckt viel drinn, vielen Dank. Galaxy-S

  56. j Says:

    i’m korean user
    i’m not speaking english very well.
    but, do me a favor to you.
    you made application android system info using
    I hope it was a transpaarent background of the widget.
    Pleas ask.

  57. Paul Says:

    I cannot uninstall any apps. Mobisystems office suite holds root folder among other items, yet I did a factory repair? Help!

  58. zerabot Says:

    How i can contact with you about tranlation of yours application on russian and ulrainian. I wrote to you 2 times if you not interested just say this.

  59. ian searson Says:

    can I upgrade to 2.2

  60. Roberto Says:

    Hi, I know how I can change the language from English to Spanish, according to the latest update several languages, but not find a way to read in Spanish, Thanks and I hope your answer.

  61. Android Says:

    Fine app for android thanks for the tip I am already experimenting in my android and perfect
    a work in very nice.

  62. joe street Says:

    I have some questions about my phone because of this app. It appears that someis using my phone to track me but its a little unclear.(“the real object has been deleted”)(in red)…what do the different colors of the radio logs said something about sending request to requested host.where do I find out what these loge mean.the reason I’m concerned is because my GPS is turning on according to log and sending also looks like call log .would like to know what the different colors mean and where to find the meaning of the code or lingo means

  63. Android apps I use, plus a few battery tips - All Narfed Up Says:

    […] Android System Info […]

  64. jabby Says:

    Is there any way to clear the log. It would help in isolating a time period.


    • 3lectricsheep Says:

      logs are only cleared at boot. But i’ll try to figure out a way to allow to clear manually. Stay tuned 😉

      • Austin Says:

        I’d love to have a way to NOT clear at boot. I’m having an issue with my phone rebooting “randomly”. Losing the log every time blows my chance at tracking down the culprit (unless I watch really really hard without blinking 🙂
        Thanks for a great app!

  65. firefexx Says:

    Hi, I like ASI, it provides nearly all information I need. But what is with Radio Version? On my Desire ASI writes in System > BuildInfos: “Radio: unknown”
    But in the Android Setting, the Radio is listed. (BaseBand-Version …..)

    Why does ASI not display this information?

    And an additional question: Is it possible to determine the RIL Version? I would like it if ASI could display this too.

    Best wishes

  66. Andre Says:

    Great app! Works fine on my Galaxy S, but on my rooted Nook Color the System Info tab doesn’t display screen, sensors, environment, mount points, features and javaproperties data.

  67. Leisure Chair online Says:

    I recently stumbled on your web site and happen to be reading along. I considered I might depart my 1st comment. I really do not know what to say except that Weve enjoyed reading.Great blog,Ill maintain browsing this blog quite often.

  68. Gundul Says:

    The only thing that I don’t like with this app is Flurry Agent.
    Android System Info is using Flurry Agent, which sending statistical data / usage pattern via 3G or WiFi. And too bad, this cannot be disabled.
    Astrid app is using Flurry Agent also, but you can turn it off. Please add option to turn this Flurry Agent off.

    • 3lectricsheep Says:

      I use flurry to keep track of bugs (aka exceptions), and stats about number of people downloading my apps. I’m pretty sure that volume of data sent is very small and not noticeable in regard of others services like gmail, gtalk, android market etc.

  69. froilanG Says:

    Hello 3lectricsheep,

    Is there a link that I can download this app to pc? TIA

  70. froilanG Says:

    Hello 3lectricsheep

    Is there any link that I can download your latest ASI to my computer? TIA

  71. ivan the terrible Says:

    great job, simply superb

  72. dell streak review Says:

    one of my friend advice me to visit your site, and you know what there’s a lot information I got

  73. Gravestone Says:

    Great app! I love to use it.

    It’s just that the ad banner i getting annoying.
    And I don’t see any pro version of this app in the market.
    If possible, I’d rather donate (preferably by paypal) to have the ad banner be removed. : )

    Thank you.

  74. Nathan love Says:

    Hi I was wondering why there is no option to move data from the system to your sd card. I really want to use open home icons on the adw launcher. And I can’t seem to edit any internal data

  75. rosenvik Says:

    Works like a charm om my M70003 tablet. Good work

  76. Paul Markovic Says:

    This software is to Android like SKTools is to Windows Mobile.
    Next month I will be able to donate to this fine project.
    Is there a link for PayPal?

    One question I have is, how accurate is the max available RAM value?
    I have an HTC Droid Incredible. Specs show 512 MB. Software shows 412.
    I have a similar problem with my LG Fathom. But not 100MB.

  77. sergio Says:

    I have a Cruz tablet (mips32) and don’t have access to G Droid market. Is there any way to get this app to sideload? Thanks!

  78. Lis Riba Says:

    I tried to send an email to the address in the about box, but it bounced.

    Just wanted to suggest a feature I’d like to see:

    When the user chooses “Save log”, offer an option for the user to add a note. I don’t care whether you append or prepend that note to the logfile itself, or save it in a separate file such as {same-filename}-note.txt

    Here’s why:
    When my system is acting strangely, I will sometimes save the logfile so I can figure out what’s going on.
    However, I may not have a chance to actually delve into the logfile until much later – at which point I’ve often forgotten why I had saved that logfile in the first place.
    It would be nice to be able to add a quick 1-sentence note to provide some context. “Navigation failed” or “Recording a standard boot” or “Why did it just vibrate?”

    Just a suggestion. Aside from that, it’s a great app.

  79. physx Says:

    great app! I have one question: the statistics of the CPU frequency in the System tab are updated only when the phone is switched on or even when on standby?

  80. Jackal Says:

    I have a question. What does “Threshold RAM” in system-memory tag mean? Thanks.

  81. leonel Says:

    Count me in among the folks that would pay for an ad-free version.. 🙂

  82. mugabo Says:

    Great app; I use it frequently.

    Two things that would put this icing on the cake:
    • Comma-delimited separators for numbers (especially in usage history) to make it more readable, and
    • The ability to copy an individual log entry into the clipboard.

    Thanks again for such a useful application!

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  84. Yingying Tang Says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am working for the 1Mobile Market ( as marketing manager. We currently have 0.5 million users. We are hoping to cooperate with good android apps to promote each other, please let me know if you are interested.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.


  85. Tobias Says:

    Hi there.. I’m looking for a small widget (1×2) to display battery and SD-card. On Galaxy Tab there is a “build in” SD card and the external SD card. Your widget shows the internal, can i configure the widget to display the external?

    Thanlks in advance

  86. Tracy BLAS Says:

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    Please check and let me know your thoughts.

  87. Android System Info | Android Apps Review Says:

    […] Developer Website: Electric Sheep […]

  88. claprade Says:

    The system tab has a blue exclamation mark(!) on it and when I select it, the list that comes up keeps blinking and I cant select any folder?
    The other tabs are Ok!..

  89. mikkazM1cha Says:

    Can you pls add a feature to save the info’s in the System-Tab to a file?
    Would be great.

  90. miket Says:

    Hello, i like this app and using it on my 7 inch android tablet.
    One thing i do not understand is that it is telling me how much
    space i have left on my SD card. But i don’t have an SD card plugged in. Thank you

    • 3lectricsheep Says:

      In fact, the extra internal memory is declared as sd card storage. The real sd card is declared as “external sd card”.
      But i agree, it is not clear…

  91. Jones Says:

    Hey programmer guy! There is a bug with your app on honeycomb: The menu doesn’t show up! It looks fine and scales nice, but there is no menu gadget on the screen, and since there isn’t any hard menu button on the tablet we are screwed, could you fix that? 🙂

  92. Jens Says:

    Hello from germany,
    great app!!

    Under battery/history:
    – What do the colors of the bars (red/blue) mean?
    – What is the program named ‘0’ under networkusage?
    If I tab on it, the app crashes

    Under log:
    – what do the different textcolors mean?

  93. Jens Says:

    OK, except the last question i found all answers by google:-)

  94. KZ Says:

    Nice app, but would it be possible to allow the app to detect/support
    both portrait rotations, not just one? My tablet has physical keys
    arranged such that the current portrait orientation is a problem. All other apps I use allow this… Thanks.

  95. CSH Says:

    Love the app. Had it since shortly after getting my Droid X last summer and it worked great until recently.
    Since the VZW upgrade to Gingerbread got pushed out, the home screen widget updates erratically so now it is usually wrong about battery state, etc.; Oftentimes it just shows question marks for all three values. I tried removing the widget and reinstalling it, but that was no help. Tried uninstalling ASI completely and reinstalling (V1.17.2), but again, no help. Anything you can do would be appreciated, otherwise I’m back to depending on the battery icon in the status bar. 😦

  96. Andy Says:

    Hi, just installed Vers. 1.17.2. I like your app but I dont like banner ad. As I’m not the first who is asking, is there in the meantime a possibility to donate to switch off the banner ad?

  97. Davis Says:

    Can you add a feature that shows the last 3 time since unplugged times for the battery. I would like to have an idea of what the average time the battery is hold a charge is. Android OS gives you the current time since unplugged when you check under the battery, I’d like to have that extended to show the previous 2 as well.

    Awesome app by the way.

  98. Connie Unclebach Says:

    Thank you. I an IT pro and this is by far the best app of it’s kind anywhere. Something that lays things out so nice and simple wouldeven be great for a pc. I really appreciate that you read and respond to users in this blog. Just wanted to say thank you

  99. Mark Pulgrim Oplachko Says:

    Hello, Electric Sheep.

    I represent the localizing team “Localize it!” from Russia.

    We would like to localize your application “Android System Info” for Russian-speaking audience with new versions. We will do this qualitative and free of charge. In turn, you agree to receive the localization by this language only from our team and permit a link on your application from Android Market or at our website.

    If you agree, I will give you localized xml file for the latest version of your application – 1.18.1

    Best regards,
    Mark “Pulgrim” Oplachko,
    The representative of “Localize it!”.

  100. K.Alexander Says:

    Right On kicks

  101. Daniel Gorodowienko Says:

    Questions regarding CPU Frequency Stats time:
    Is time measured in milliseconds? I mean values in parenthesis.
    Is it real processing time, or time processor is set to that specific frequency?

  102. funny picture Says:

    fun photos…

    […]Android System Info « Electric Sheep[…]…

  103. Linda Says:

    I really like this app, but really hate the advertisements. Any chance of getting same app without advertisments, I don’t see one in Market. Such a great app to have part of it covered up by advertisment. I’m sure if the ad free version price is reasonable, people will pay for it. I will.

  104. ChristopherJFranko Says:

    This article is a as a matter of fact good sole. Say thank you for share ining such great facts out. Ill deff be stoping by more times then i do so i an take in whats great!

  105. Andreas Says:

    When I click on download on the Android Systems Info page, I am beeing tranferred to another website, where I am supposed to download a program ‘iLividSetupV1.exe’. Is this a scam or a virus ? I simply want to download the app and transfer it to my tablet, which does not have android market access.

  106. Android System Info 1.18.2 Apk apk free | ApkCentral Says:

    […] Android System Info 1.18.2 Apk Size : 347 KBRequires Android:1.5 and up Android Market Link – VisitDeveloper – Visit […]

  107. Ivan Says:

    Very useful application, but I was wondering if it’s possible to remove ads by getting a paid app or making a donation. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 with fixed (monthly flat) rate for data mobile, but even though I use it mostly via wi-fi, I find annoying and risk-taking (expensive mobile data costs) this overload of avertising banners and ads. Do you plan to release soon an ASI pro paid app without ads? Thanks

  108. samsung st65 Says:

    I really enjoyed reading these posts.I found them very informative on how to use these apps.

  109. deltator13a Says:

    Sehr gutes app

  110. paulterra Says:


    just installed it and it is great. but how do i activate the camera-options? i have a android 4 rom

    thanks a lot!

  111. pete bertram (the butcher) Says:

    Hello, first of all I want to say I think you have a fantastic app with more information than I could ever want (or understand at this point in my computer literacy).
    My first question, for now, concerns the system menu option
    “Gtalk Service Monitor” – I get that this reports info on connection state (ie wi-fi), time, frequency.etc but, what does
    “Heartbeat interval” mean?
    also what’s the implication of the option
    “send Heartbeat to server”?
    Finally, does the running countdown timer after “alarm will trigger” mean that the cell phone will attempt to automatically reconnect to wi-fi?
    That would add up because, unless I’m crazy (possible), since I’ve installed your app my cell re-connects to wi-fi unless I turn on airplane mode.
    I know your very busy between tweaking this app and addressing everyone’s questions but, I’d surely appreciate an answer. I tried searching the web but I’ve had no luck.
    Thanks in advance,
    Pete (the butcher)

  112. Gabe Says:

    In Ice Cream Sandwich I do not see the log category options… What am I doing wrong?

  113. demo forex Says:

    demo forex…

    […]Android System Info « Electric Sheep[…]…

  114. Gerhardus Says:

    How about an adfree version to buy?

  115. venky Says:

    Will this app log all http requests made by the device please (including installed apps)?



  116. Richard Says:

    Updated in the “Apps” All App have been only display “Loading …”, please improve, I am using the Galaxy Nexus, Thanks!

  117. Lisa LaBate Says:

    I need a diagnostic tool my touch screen will not work and my phone is actinh crazy! It calls numbers by its self and it connects to the net with out me touching it. So if anyone can sugesst an app that could help that would rock!

  118. Alessandro Says:

    I have a question, when restart from zero the app’s running time count ?
    Thanks for your attention.

  119. Ross Says:

    On my Sprint Epic 4G, the Telephony display includes values for Base Station Latitude and Base Station Longitude, which I believe are supposed to be the coordinates the cell tower is squawking. But the values displayed by Android System Info are nonsensical as geographic coordinates. For example, right now it shows Base Station Latitude as 435992, and Base Station Longitude as -1407299. (Base Station ID is 6707, which I know to be correct.)

    Should the app be doing some math transformation on the lat/lon values, or what.?

    • Ross Says:

      Further research indicates that you do need to transpose the raw values returned by the API before reporting them. See

      In other words, the API returns an integer value that is .25 minutes, so there are 4 per second. * 60 seconds per minute * 60 minutes per degree == 14400.

      So doing the math from that explanation, you just have to take those raw signed integer values that you report now for both Base Station Latitude and Base Station Longitude, convert to float and divide by 14400. The resulting value is precisely what it should be, expressed in decimal degrees. I have confirmed that empirically with the tower site.

      • Ross Says:

        EDIT: My last post should read:

        In other words, the API returns an integer value that is .25 seconds, so there are 4 per second. * 60 seconds per minute * 60 minutes per degree = 14400.

      • 3lectricsheep Says:

        thanks for the help. As i’m not in the US, I cant test 4G behavior. I’ll make the fix asap.
        Thanks again!

  120. Ross Says:

    Upon reflection, it may be a legitimate design choice to leave your app as it is. You are reporting accurately the raw Android system data. Or it might be more meaningful to end-users to convert to degrees for lat and lon.

  121. Laurence Says:

    Great source of information – thanks! BUT like many others, I dislike the admob banner. Would be prepared to pay/donate a suitable sum for an ad-free version. Thanks!

    • 3lectricsheep Says:

      Hello Laurence,

      Thanks for using my app. A lot of users are asking for it, i think i’ll make a pay version in a few weeks (with some more features). What price would you pay for it?

      • Nick Says:

        I would also gladly pay a small sum. Somewhere up to $2 or 1,50€.
        Thanks for the good work.

  122. raymond26170 Says:

    On my Samsung GS3 the value for external card size duplicates the value for phone storage.

  123. Ethan Says:

    I am using Cherry Mobile w900 where it supposedly should have the following specs:

    Internal storage: 1GB
    RAM: 512MB
    CPU: 1.2 Ghz Snapdragon S2 ARMv7

    Using android system info. It shows:
    Internal memory:
    Max: 502.0 MB Free: 421.57 MB

    Max: 370 MB Free: 134 MB

    Processor ARMv7 Processor rev 2 (v7I)

    Can anyone please explain the discrepancies? Thank you.

  124. Android System Info : pour surveiller au plus près le hardware de votre smartphone | Les Applications Android Says:

    […] : ElectricSheep // // […]

  125. dawn Says:

    I have a samsung sch-r730 transfix and I have some android apps that are not running. Also I can only talk on my phone using the speaker phone. Will this app help my phone…
    Thank you

  126. Shane Says:

    In the app tab i see you have the option off deleting system apps eg, Google play, the camera app etc and my galxy note 10.1 is not rooted. So if i was to tap on the delet tab on 1 of these system apps would it delet or would it tell me i need root permissions etc.

  127. arne Says:

    Hi. Someone recommened this app, because it should show the stacktrace of aborted apps in jelly bean, with no other app can without root rights. unfortunately the stacktrace is not shown on my galaxy nexus. does anybody know why ?

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