Paint is a drawing application providing a lots of cool feature like setting of stroke/background color, save/load picture, special effects etc.
There is also a kids mode which will change color and size at each stroke.


1.3:Bug fix (background color, erase mode), some change in size stroke.

1.2 : share feature, few bug fix, link to this blog
1.1: load/save picture
1.0: big ui and features rework


39 Responses to “Paint”

  1. chelsey Says:

    Force closes a lot.. and the first day I used it I got a really cool style of writing then couldn’t get it again I thought it was the emboss but then I tried to do it and it was just plain text

  2. wolf Says:

    Pleaseeeeee… no ads!!!!!!

  3. Merlin Says:

    Great apps! Thanks and keep up the good work 🙂

  4. Javier Says:

    Hello. Add a paint Bucket tool is a good idea.Thanks 😉

  5. John Says:

    Great program! Only issue: I don’t know where my saved pictures go! They don’t show up in my photo album and nothing turns up when I search for them. It could be I’m not savvy enough to figure my own phone, but I’d appreciate any help!

    • 3lectricsheep Says:

      Hi, thanks!
      The picture is saved in the sdcard under “paint” folder. It looks like the refresh of gallery is not made when i save the app. I’ll try to fix it this WE.

  6. Paint | Says:

    […] Auteur : ElectricSheep Site Web […]

  7. Andreas Says:

    Hey, cool app, but i have the same problem as one in a previous comment. I can’t find my saved pictures. I was also wondering, could you add an undo-feature?

  8. amanda Says:

    Love this!! Keeps me busy when I don’t want to do anything. 🙂

  9. john Says:

    Nice job!

  10. Paint Pro | Android Apps Says:

    […] sd for froyo1.1.2:bug fix( erase, bug reporter)1.1.0: removed ads in kids modeCostFreeDeveloper Site Link market://search?q=pname:com.electricsheep.paintpro GD Star Ratingloading…GD Star […]

  11. chris Says:

    The pictures are saved on my SD card but I am unable access this unless I connect my phone to my computer which is pointless. 2 things – give us the option to save in the normal gallery and also put an option to send as a message in the ‘share’ function

  12. xiabachao Says:

    there’s only one thing that I don’t feel satisfied is the color picking. there’s no darker or brighter color.
    hope you can fix this.
    great job ever!

  13. Shelia Says:

    Love this app. Very cool and innovative with the embossing.

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  15. Alexandra Says:

    This is super fun! But never I mean NEVER post ur pics on facebook…….

  16. Paint | Android Games Reviews Says:

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  17. cfar Says:

    Absolutely excellent application , thank you for your pro version which includes undo/ redo action function which compliments the perfect app even more. Thanks also for the inclusion of cmyk type colours eg more earthy toned green brown . Was gonna post a request for these but you are already ahead . Works faultless on HTC legend

  18. malgras Says:

    Dear sir,
    How can i contact you? Do you have a phone number?
    Where are you located?
    I would like to propose you a partnership?

  19. trojan Says:

    I’m using the acer d260 and can’t seem to fiind a download button in market place or here… help

  20. rhiannon wilson Says:

    Hi when I’ve drew the pic and I wanna put it on facebook what do I press.

  21. james Says:

    Great app, best for adlib photos. Is it possible to set the name and location of saved file?

  22. Buzitie Says:

    Nice ap. Suggestion for tweak to the relationship between the density of the Spray paint effect and width of the line setting. At present , spray density very low if line width is thin, and spray density very high if line width is thick. Would be nice if spray density was a constant no matter what the line width was set to. A constant low density would be best so that several oversprays are required to give a full covering of color. Also as an extra refinement it would be nice if we could have a spray density adjustment setting.

  23. Hari krishna Says:

    Nice one super

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  25. C. Besems Says:

    It’s handy, but it’s not professional.

  26. Kerveisha Says:

    Why the spray don’t work

  27. sahil Says:

    It doesnt save my work card 😦

  28. kiwija Says:

    does not work for android app on google tv. Cannot be uninstalled either.

  29. ariel ane Says:

    nice. ..i can create nw wats in my mind.

  30. owencoughlin Says:

    I have an idea for a web site that could use you app. I would like to talk to someone about it.

  31. ines Says:

    Pk les image s ‘en vont??si quel qun sais sa serais cool de m’ aider!

    Mercii !<3


  32. antues Says:

    Tres bien fait j’aime bien comment c’est fait

  33. yoshi Says:

    I like that application thank you and i like it who posted that application

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